Monday, November 9, 2009

In Defense of Feedlots

Could concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) be the key to sustainability?
"As an example, one dozen eggs, transported several hundred miles to a grocery store in a tractor-trailer that can carry 23,400 dozen eggs is a more fuel-efficient, eco-friendly option than a dozen eggs purchased at a farmers’ market (4.5 times more fuel used) or local farm (17.2 times more fuel used)."
hat tip: AgWired.

Meanwhile, in Kansas, urban pioneers try to bust city anti-ag ordinances.

hat tip: Ethicurean.


  1. Those are interesting numbers. But what about treating the animals humanely? What about the tons of concentrated waste produced by CAFOs? What about the problems communities face when CAFOs move into the area, producing noxious smells and damage to the water supply?

  2. Absolutely! Current CAFOs are unacceptable in each one of those departments. Or, to put it in the more visceral words of my friend who lives in Greeley, CO, "you can tell the day when they boil the blood."

    I imagine the optimal solution will involve addressing these problems specifically and not just banning all CAFOS, everywhere.



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