Monday, November 16, 2009

"We are not anti-dryer; we are pro-clothesline"

Grist has a nice interview with Alexander Lee, founder of Project Laundry List, on his efforts to promote eco-friendly clotheslines (over electric dryers). Apparently HOAs (home owners associations) are the primary obstacle.

Why anyone would be willing to live in a neighborhood where a HOA can tell them what to do with their property is beyond me...

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  1. The same sort of thinking can also be a problem for solar panels. I know the town I grew up in actually had zoning laws forbidding the instillation of solar panels of people's roofs.

    If I were running the world... well lots of things would be different, but one of them would be that protecting property values wouldn't be an acceptable reason to forbid people from trying to save energy.



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