Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stupid Kids

Fishing was supposed to be my reward for getting a lot of work done today.

Conditions were better than I've ever seen in this town. The hole just upstream of the first bridge down from Fall Creek falls had tons of really active trout.

I tied on a blue-winged olive and had just started to shake the rust off my cast (despite gusting winds) when a bunch of boys showed up and started trying to try to hit the fish with rocks.

There wasn't any point in saying anything. It wouldn't have un-spooked the fish...

Maybe I'll try again early tomorrow.


  1. Thats a beautiful fly. I'm assuming you tied it? I used to tie a little and I could never get the hackle tips to stay parallel upwards as wings. Great job.
    If I were an unspooked trout I would have definitely taken a nibble at your fly.

  2. haha, thanks! hopefully i'll have more luck with it in the future than I have so far.



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