Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Thaw in Waterfall Country

This is Fall Creek falls (in the fall). It's basically in the middle of downtown. It forms a deep pool (shown) and pours leisurely into the lake via a shallow, rocky creek. It's full of fish and usually surrounded by anglers.

This is what happens when your watershed had 2+ feet of snow at the beginning of the week and none by the end.
(Note the logarithmic scale!)

Needless to say, there was no fishing today...*

The trees are drowning! Closer to the shore, you could see the sycamores up on stilts with the soil scoured out from under their roots. I guess low flows later in the year will pile the sediment back up.

The blue half-circle shows the high-water mark. The flood at it's worst almost reached the gorge walls, where it left big rolls of hay and sticks. The yellow marks the big gravel bar that usually takes up most of the valley floor.

*this pic totally reminds me of the lotr scene where the ents broke the dam...

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