Monday, March 15, 2010

Basement Chickens and Cardboard Desks

At The Sustainability Workshop, Glynn Bebee is perfecting the art of turning trash into electronics-integrated tools for the New Urbanist.

I first saw his work this past summer as he was building (surprisingly hefty!) furniture and sculpture out of used cardboard and exotic glues (desk shown). I particularly like the helix, though.

He makes beautiful kitchen utensils out of waste wood.

A few weeks ago, I watched on Facebook as he tested his solar cooker on a cold winter day. Here, Lily demonstrates the oven's effectiveness by basking in her own body heat.

Today I got a tour of his basement workshop, full of various recycled scraps, power woodworking tools and aquaculture tanks. He's currently designing a series of indoor chicken incubators and coops. Danielle is much bigger today and her new sister just hatched a few hours ago. She's even more social than her two brothers and loves perching on visitors' arms. Predictably, one of the biggest challenges of indoor chicken-raising is controlling the smell. I was really impressed how inconspicuous even this first prototype is.

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