Monday, January 4, 2010

Detroit Farm City?

I previously described the efforts of artists to revive Detroit's infrastructure and economy.

Mental Masala
has a very nice post describing the parallel efforts of farmers.

I love watching the abandoned, rusted-out husks of post-industrial cities reinvent themselves. Pittsburgh pulled it off and I'll bet we haven't heard the last of Detroit. It offers hope to similar cities across the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic.

h/t: the irresistible fleet of bicycles


  1. We just spent our Christmas up in the Detroit area. My brother-in-law took me on a thorough tour of the city. The up-side of the terrible state it is in is that the city is ripe for new beginnings. I'll have some photos up on my blog, just as soon as we get the busted hard-drive fixed. Happy new year!

  2. It seems like there are lots of opportunities for some creative landscape design and revitalization in Detroit. I wonder how open minded they are up there...

  3. Cool! I'll look forward to checking it out.



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