Monday, July 26, 2010

Down with Lawns!

Lots of anti-lawn buzz on my reader today...

Just came across the Lawn Reform Coalition. It looks interesting...

I especially like their listing of alternative, more sustainable species. Personally, I prefer grass that goes brown in the winter. It's more seasonal and reminds me of my former homes out West. At any rate, I signed up for their newsletter and will be keeping an eye on them.

h/t: Sustainable and Urban Gardening

On a similar note, an herbicide company is warning of the horrors of allowing mutualisms to develop in your lawn. Especially ironic as I just finished reading "Small-scale Grain Raising," which goes into considerable detail how to maintain healthy legume populations in grass-legume meadows.

h/t: The Clueless Gardeners who, incidentally wrote about lawns the post before also.

And while you're at it, wear your lawn politics on your yard.

Now, if we could just stop mowing highway median strips...


  1. i've tried adding a few other species to the lawn mix, but its decently difficult to get them all to play along. clover seems to take the easiest, and is a natural partner for grass.

    here in oregon where the grass cycle is reversed from yours (green in winter/brown in summer), clover has a nice year round look to it.

  2. How about UC Verde (?) Buffalo Grass? I've heard good things: attractive, grows well, takes little water.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the Cancer Free Lawn and other signs of a wildlife gardener link with your readers. You've gathered together a great collection of resources here. Thank you!

  4. I'm tickled pink tht you have shared a link to our blog. Thank you! Thanks also for the other great links.



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