Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Family "Dinner"

Uh, I just saw a commercial last night with the following arc:
1) Your kids won't become drug-addicted losers if you eat dinner as a family.
2) We know you can't eat dinner as a family now because you're too busy to cook.
3) So have a family dinner with "healthy" individual frozen meals from Stouffer's!
Wow, I'm blown away. I must be just completely out of touch because I never would have guessed the average American family not only never eats together, but also is too incompetent in the kitchen to make even a simple casserole.

If this is true it's gonna take some of the fun out of accusing other people of living in bubbles...


  1. lol. Don't you just love these rediculous commercials. It kinda makes me sick.

  2. I don't think this is a separate issue than the obesity epidemic.

  3. Hello Matt,this may be off topic, but what side effects are you currently studying? I've written a couple of posts on blackleg fungus and gmo canola and would be interested to get your input. my blog is called Go Green (I found you from the Apocalypse Steelheader)

  4. I gave you a Sunshine Award:

  5. Hey Michelle,

    Thanks for the head up for your blog!

    I'm using a modern chemistry approach (LCMS) to simultaneously measure hundreds of chemicals in different fruits that are/aren't transgenic. I'm trying to see if I can find anything funny going on with the transgenic plants that we wouldn't expect based on their constructs.

  6. Hi Matt,

    What you're working on sounds interesting.

    Who do you work for, how is it funded and are the results made public?

  7. Hey Patrick,

    I'm a postdoc (which, for anyone who doesn't know is basically an apprenticeship that Ph.D.s do when the job they want requires more experience than they have).

    I work in a government lab on an academic campus and my salary is paid by a non-profit research institute (also on campus). Their names are obvious (based on my location) to any agricultural researcher and can be easily googled by anyone else. The whole reason this blog is anonymous is because I'm in the process of applying for jobs and am taking Ben Franklin's advice that it's better for prospective bosses who google my name to find nothing than to find a blog they don't like! As a postdoc, I also worry that some would make the mistake of putting my words in my boss's mouth. I hope to de-anonymize by spring.

    All our work will be published in typical scientific journals and I'll draw attention to them as they come out. It's probably realistic to say all of this will be publicly available within 6-12 months.

    I have more to say about why this project was funded, what the future of this type of funding is likely to be and what I think about it... which I'll get into after I leave this lab.



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