Wednesday, July 15, 2009

100% Adulterated Honey

So I heard on the radio yesterday that Florida passed a law that only pure honey can be now be labeled as "honey." Apparently, it's common for honey to be cut with sugar and other ingredients. Who would have thought?

The Wegman's honey in my kitchen cabinet just says "honey." I guess that means it could be full of sugar?

As a non-sequitur, I'm reminded of watching the pretty comical effort of a couple of Davis J St. Co-op inhabitants work to pour a bucket of homegrown honey into mason jars a few years ago. A lot of the honey (full of sticks and bees) proceeded to ooze all over the outside of the jars and onto the kitchen floor, as the two ambitious DIYers tried to box out the house golden retriever. That certainly wasn't pure honey either, but at least they knew what was in it.

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