Wednesday, November 3, 2010

They took our jobs!

Mexican citizens may or may not be underbidding (and forcing down wages of) American jobs in the construction and service industries but they are definitely not taking U.S. farm worker jobs, as anyone in the agricultural sector can tell you.

Garance Burke, of the AP reports:*

"from January to June, California farmers posted ads for 1,160 farm worker positions open to U.S. citizens and legal residents. But only 233 people in those categories applied after learning of the jobs through unemployment offices in California, Texas, Nevada and Arizona. One grower brought on 36. No one else hired any."

"an effort by the UFW to get Americans to take farm jobs has been more effective in attracting applicants than the official channels. The UFW in June launched the "Take Our Jobs Campaign," inviting people to go online and apply. About 8,600 people filled out an application form, but only seven have been placed in farm jobs, UFW President Arturo Rodriguez said."
We need comprehensive immigration reform in this country that will be fair to everyone - or start paying a lot more for our lettuce...

h/t: i forget!

* they tuk err jerbs!
** juker joo!!

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