Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Holland Infographics

I just got back from Wageningen, NV.* The Netherlands is a very wet country, but we had excellent weather and I had a lot of fun meeting everyone at the headquarters. And such a cool town! Same population size as Ithaca or Davis, but with a denser downtown, older buildings and a much more bike-friendly infrastructure...

Ithaca (and especially Davis) are great bike towns, but they're towns where cars tolerate you riding on the shoulders. In Wageningen, wide bike paths parallel every large road and generally have the right-of-way where they cross - and these "large" roads are still small, one-lane roads that mostly have small cars and motorcycles. Overall, they have a smaller and much more integrated scale of transportation that I really appreciated. Apparently, the entire country is this bike friendly, though I haven't had a chance to see it for myself yet.

Next trip, I'll explore Amsterdam, check out the famous flower auction and see the Delta Works.

On a related agricultural matter, I found these amazing infographic posters on the Rabobank website. I wish I could buy one!

*No, not Nevada.


  1. Greetings from Holland, was nice to have you here buddy!


  2. you should join us (KG colleagues) on a biking trip trough the Wageningen surroundings (a very nice diversity of woodland, heath, river banks and even some hills ;-)


  3. haha I heard about your "hill," but a bike ride would be nice next time we're in town. Anne got a chance to ride out to one of the castles the day I got in, but I was too zonked out from the plane to go along. It's possible we'll be back early in the new year - maybe the weather will be warm enough that week to get out and see the surroundings.

  4. Wageningen is a bit far, but sometime when you visit Amsterdam get in touch if you'd like to get together.

  5. Sounds cool. Ill drop you a message next time I'm coming through Amsterdam.



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