Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Farm Blogs + Trade Mags

I just heard an NPR bit on an effort to establish a tea farm in California (Davis adjacent!). They have a blog too.

While I'm at it, here are some other cool farm blogs I've come across recently:

A Day in the Life of a Farm Vet...
Adventures in Agriculture
Agriculture Proud
Food for Thought
Griggs Dakota
Martin Family Farms
Shedding Light on Agriculture
Sitting in the Pasture...
Slow Money Farms
Starving off the Land

h/t: many from JP Loves Cotton

I've been so busy recently. I'm about all set up in the DC area and the new job's going well at least but it's left me with a giant backlog of NY blog post outlines I still have to finish. Plus, I have two rejected articles I have to tear down and re-write (which I should be doing now instead of this...) and of course two more manuscripts to work on for my last boss (in addition to stuff for my current boss).

On the plus side, I discovered a new trade magazine today lying around work, Seed Today. I love this kind of stuff. The whole magazine is stuffed with ads for big industrial ag machines and has some nice write ups about what public sector breeders and ag scientists are up to around the country (including perennial wheat!). They have some editorials in defense of GM crops (which I was totally uninterested in reading) and a product review of a little benchtop bread dough making machine that allows breeders to make test loaves out of as little as 4 grams of grain! (In grad school, my bean breeder friend had access to a similar machine that allowed him to can tiny amounts of his bean varieties in a way that approximates the giant industrial canners.)

They also have a very cool listing of all recent USDA PVPs issued for new crop varieties in addition to a very convenient listing of all USDA APHIS permits to grow experimental GM crops (e.g. Monsanto's working on a "branching decreased" maize variety and Syngenta's got a sugarcane with "altered sugar storage").*

I'll be watching what you're all up to;)

*This is all public information that's supposedly here, but I couldn't find it


  1. Thanks for giving me a shoutout! I enjoy reading a lot of farm blogs too and my blog roll got so big I have a separate page for it! Of course you've been on there for some time! http://jplovescotton.wordpress.com/blogs-i-read/



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