Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring arrives in Metro DC

It showed up a couple weeks earlier in the heat island of the city proper.
The cherries bloomed first in DC, than along the highways and now in my apartment complex. I imagine my neighbors around the courtyard wished these Bradford pears smelled like cherry trees. I don't mind. The scent reminds me of my suburban street hockey days.

"car! ...         game on!"


  1. I really dislike the smell of Bradford Pears. Yucky, wet, smelly socks smell just when the weather's nice enough to open the windows. I even notice them when driving along a street lined with them.
    My daughter and I call them "stinky trees".
    Now, Yoshino cherries are "cloud trees" and are gorgeous.
    By the way, Yokohamamama,, has some great pics of cherries in Japan.

  2. Your street hocky games smelled like rotting fish? :D



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