Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flower Development FAIL

Development doesn't always go as planned. That's a normal dandelion seed head in the background but the one in front tried to make 3 in 1.

I guess it's Catholic.


  1. Is this a cristate plant? I had a cristate dandelion on the allotment one year, but the same plant has been normal every other year.

  2. That's pretty cool. I'm not familiar with the different classifications for plant developmental mutations, but it could be.

  3. These are odd mutations. The same plant can have mostly normal stems with some odd. It must be some form of damage to the growing tips. Maybe?

  4. I could try and think of a super intelligent remark about flower development, which I obviously know so much about. *giggles* But, I can't think of one. So.....
    Your witty Catholic comment made me laugh a bunch.

  5. "I guess it's Catholic."

    thanks, I nearly spit out my coffee laughing. :D



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