Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Urban Hunting

Yet another interesting foodie article from the NY Times: The Urban Deerslayer. They describe the recent appearance of urban hunting clubs that cater to novices who may never have so much as held a gun or carved a turkey.

I'm all for anything that gets people more involved in nature. People who interact intensively with nature understand it much better and make more meaningful efforts to conserve it. Some people like to watch birds, some like to climb mountains and some like to hunt - these are all valuable nature educations, plus the hunters (like gardeners!) learn something about where their food comes from.

Besides, the Midatlantic-Northeast deer herd is absolutely out of control. It's very satisfying how quickly our abandoned ag land has exploded with secondary forests in the past few generations but, lacking predators, the deer population has also exploded. I'd love to spend time in local woodlands that haven't had every sign of greenery within 6 feet of the ground scoured clean.

h/t: The World's Fair


  1. I like that they're getting trained, instead being a bunch of guys who pick up guns and are like "let's just figure it out!"

  2. Yeah, I agree. The hunters I've happened to know are all real serious about gun safety and respect for the animal. It'd be a real loss if this culture was lost due to discontinuity between the generations - let alone the serious food safety issues that come into play with wild animals.



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